Duties and Responsibilities of school prefects


All school prefects are on duty all the time in all places during their period of service they are the leading examples to other students. Prefects are expected to ensure order and harmony among students and that school activities are running smoothly according to approved routine. Principally, prefects must therefore be prepared to defend and enforce school guidelines and regulations. They must therefore know the regulations themselves first and be prepared to observe them. All attempts should be the prefects to make LYCEE DE KIGALI school the pride of the nation; the symbol of success; the model of excellence.

Head prefect

He is the overall students’ leader and therefore in charge of the following responsibilities.

  1. Students’ discipline including the discipline of prefects
  2. Monitor the performance of prefects
  3. Communicating all the programs of the school to the students in consultation with the school administration.
  4. General cleanliness of the school in liaison with the school health master.
  5. He is the link between the students and the school administration.
  6. Coordination of the activities of clubs and societies in the school.
  7. He is an ex-official to all students committees.
  8. He chairs coordination meetings on specified days in a week.

Deputy head prefect

  1. Discipline of students. He must actually chair the students disciplinary committee.
  2. Monitor the food and prep departments in particular and the performance of all the departments in general.
  3. Ensure cleanliness and smartness of students.
  4. Any other duties assigned to him by the Head Prefect and or school authorities.

Health prefect

  1. He is in charge of general students’ health/hygiene.
  2. In charge of inspection and general cleanliness of the school.
  3. Should liaise with the school nurse to ensure that sick students are treated and well catered for.
  4. Should liaise with food prefect to ensure cleanliness in the dining hall.
  5. Should take record and report to the school nurse all sick students daily.
  6. Any other duties assigned to him by the Head Prefect and/or other school authorities.

Information prefect

  1. Ensure that the school is kept informed about the local, national and international news.
  2. He is the custodian of the school radio.
  3. Receives newspapers from the Headmaster and passes them over the library.
  4. He is responsible for students’ mails, i.e. collect the in-mails from and bring the out-mails to the office.
  5. Register and monitor students’ newsletters and bulletins and ensure proper use of students’ notice board.
  6. Chairs the students information committee.
  7. Any other duties assigned to him by the Head Prefect and/or school authorities.

Sports Prefects

  1. He is the chairman of the students’ sports committee.
  2. In liaison with the school sports-masters, coordinates all school sports programs.
  3. Ensure full participation of all students in the school sporting activities.
  4. Responsible for the security and proper usage of sports equipment and facilities.
  5. Coordinates all the games captains in the school.
  6. Any other duties assigned to him by the Head Prefect and/or school authorities.

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